About Us

SIGA Compressed Air Solution’s philosophy builds on the slogan “YOU CANNOT MANAGE WHAT YOU DO NOT MEASURE”.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the compressed air business.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, SIGA Compressed Air Solutions strives to provide efficient, transparent, and reliable solutions and education for compressed air systems with the goal of improving system efficiency and lowering unnecessary costs. We are proud North American Distributor of Airleader, CS Instruments, and Novasina.

We believe educating our customers on the benefits of monitoring their compressed air system can make a big difference. SIGA Compressed Air Solutions enables compressor operators to understand their system and harvest energy savings. Energy efficiency is the cheapest energy source.”
– Jan Hoetzel


Industries We Serve

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Supply Chain/Packaging
  • Aerospace



Jan is a compressed air energy efficiency expert who partners with leading companies to improve their operations by monitoring, automating and optimizing their compressed air systems.

With 25 years experience working in a senior management positions in the Automotive Industry, Jan began his own business focused on bringing “best in class” energy saving products to the US Market.

Jan earned the GACC Energy Efficiency Challenge Award in 2016 with a compressed air improvement project at Herman Miller of Zeeland, Michigan. In 2017, ComEd in Chicago, Illinois awarded special recognition to Jan and paid $177,000 in incentives to Chicago Heights Steel for reducing energy costs by 70%, equivalating to more than 2.5 million kWh per year.

Through both his management background and hands-on experience in the compressor room, Jan knows how to drive sustainable high dollar energy efficiency improvements through your organization. It is not through one-off projects, but through continuous training, monitoring, automation, analysis, and implementation.

Besides the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) trainer for the Fundamental L1* training program, Jan is the president of SIGA Compressed Air Solution. Prior to that, he was Managing Director / President of Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Director Finance and Administration of Draexlmaier Automotive of America and Financial Advisor at THA Treuhandanstalt in Berlin.

Jan holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe, Germany.


Communications Manager

Gabi is the Communications Manager at SIGA Compressed Air Solutions. Gabi has experience in Sales/Marketing but her true passion is networking and connecting people. As a mediator, she doesn’t just resolve conflicts but also facilitates connections to improve relationships. Gabi supports the SIGA team wherever help is needed!

Gabi loves all animals, art, food, and learning about foreign cultures. Gabi is a board-member at 3 C – an international women’s group. She loves to volunteer for the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan (Small Claims Court), Emmanuel Hospice, and is a member of an Ethics Committee in Healthcare.


Operations Manager

Megan is the Operations Manager at SIGA Compressed Air Solutions. She graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Business Administration. Her favorite part about working at SIGA is that she gets to be involved with all aspects of the company. Since working at SIGA she has learned many new skills and she keeps working to improve on them all. Megan is a huge dog lover and enjoys volunteering at animal shelters and even did her internship at one. She also loves the cold weather and grew up skiing in northern Michigan. When not at work you can find Megan with her friends trying new things or relaxing at home with a good show.

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