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Regardless of the size of your air compression system, there are many ways in which efficiency can be improved. At Airtec, we use our compression system expertise to craft efficient compression solutions for you.  Our products and services are aimed specifically at improving efficiency for you. Whether you’re just starting out with your first compression system or you have years of experience, we can help you find exactly what you need in order to maximize the efficiency of your system.


Air Optimization

Our Air Optimization service utilizes a mixture of our compressed air expertise and our high-quality products to increase the efficiency of your compression system and minimize downtime as much as possible. We comb through your system to find any potential problems or inefficiencies then create a solution perfectly crafted to fit your needs.

Air Dryers

Air dryers are excellent way of ensuring that your compression system continues to operate at maximum capacity. By lowering the dew point according to Air Quality Standard ISO 8573.1, our air dryers will increase the quality of your compressed air and the longevity of your system by reducing moisture and the growth of any bacteria.

Air Filters

One of the best ways to improve efficiency in your air compressors is through one of our expertly-fitted filters. Our filters can remove a variety of outside contaminants and ensure that your compressed air system runs consistently.

Condensate Management

Creating clean, dry air for your compressor is one of the best ways to ensure its reliability as well as efficient air production. One of the most common outside contaminants within air compressors occurs when excess moisture mixes with oil and creates condensate. Through use of cutting-edge draining technology and oil/water separators, you can eliminate damaging condensate.


We offer compressors of all types and sizes for many different applications, as well as personal guidance throughout the selection and purchase process. We make sure that you end up with the efficiency and reliability you need from your compressor.


Air Audits

Airtec Audits are designed to prevent potential problems from taking root in your compression system, so we identify and propose solutions to problems before they become more serious. Our Audits are also the best way to increase the efficiency of your system, as the minimum expected savings after investing in the recommended improvements is 20% of your total electric power consumption.

Energy Savings

When it comes to high volume use of air compression, the importance of maximum efficiency can’t possibly be stressed enough. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or using a smaller tool in a workshop setting, compressed air efficiency can easily translate to savings for you as well as benefit the environment.

Demand Side Control

Improved Demand Side Control can help you save money by decreasing energy use and breakdown time and increasing longevity, durability, and efficiency. Poor management of the demand side can lead to strain and overuse of Supply Side components. With Airtec, you can rest assured that our experts will find solutions that utilize Demand Side Control to improve your system.

Supply Side Control

Supply side control is ensuring that all the different parts of the supply side work together to create operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At Airtec, we make it our mission to bring efficiency and reliability to compression systems of all sizes. By offering supply side control, we can make sure that your compressors, filters, dryers, and other parts work together seamlessly, reducing energy use and saving you money

Leakage Detection

At Airtec, our Leak Detection service is designed to systematically comb through your compressed air system and remove leaks that waste your energy and money. We can identify leaks that can cause more serious problems down the road as well as the smaller leaks that build up to a large loss of compressor output.

Repair and Maintenance

Regardless of your compressor’s size, its efficiency and reliability are of the utmost importance when it comes to saving you time, energy, and money. By offering Regular Maintenance, we can make sure that your air compression system functions at its peak with minimal breakdown time. As compressed air systems experts, we at Airtec have the experience needed to quickly identify and solve any problem you may have with your compressor.


At Airtec, our mission is to bring efficiency to your air compression system. Whether you want to save money or reduce energy use, our compression system experts can create a solution that allows your equipment to function at its peak. Call or email us today, and find out how you can start saving time, energy, and money today.

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