Keep Your System Running at Its Peak with Compressed Air Leak Testing

Leaks are among the most common threats to your compressed air system’s efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re operating a small facility or a large-scale plant, compressed air leakage can wreak havoc on your budgets, wasting valuable resources and even shortening the lifespan of some components. 

But how much does a leaky compressed air system really add up to?

  • Wastes 20%-30% of a compressor’s total air output
  • Causes some systems to overuse compressed air, wasting even more energy
  • Equipment underperformance due to loss of air
  • Shortened lifespan of parts that require steady flow causes unscheduled maintenance time

Leak Detection

How Airtec Can Help You

Our Compressed Air Leak Detection Services reveal all the hidden leaks that plague your system. We comprehensively comb through your system using the latest tools to isolate and eliminate the leaks that are costing you money. 

Our Compressed Air Leak Detection Services include:

  • Rapid, accurate leak detection encompassing your full system
  • Operational plans to prevent future leaks and keep you up and running
  • Repair services for any major brands
  • Cost-effective recommendations

Though leaks may be common, they are not inevitable. At Airtec, our primary goal is to  eliminate inefficiency within your compression system. No matter the size of your compressor, we work hard to help you achieve the level of efficiency you need. 

Our Methods

Thanks to our years of experience in the compressed air industry and access to industry-leading leak detection tools, we know exactly how and where to locate leaks in any system. While leaks can be found throughout any system, some of the more common areas are:

  • Couplings, hoses, tubes, and fittings
  • Disconnects
  • Filters, regulators, and lubricators
  • Open condensate traps and drains
  • Poorly-welded pipe joints and flanges
  • Control and shut-off valves
  • Point of use devices
  • Cylinder rod packing
  • Thread sealants

We meticulously check all of these common problem areas, while locating some of those less common areas in which you might be losing output. 

All of our products and services center on creating the most efficient possible solutions for your compressed air system. We have years of experience in the compressed air industry and can help you precisely eliminate any inefficiencies and provide cost-effective solutions that improve performance. 

Please feel free to reach out to us today for a free quote, or just to learn more about our compressed air leak testing practices.

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