As a compressed air automation specialist, SIGA has seen firsthand the impact that effective automation can have on a company’s bottom line. Implementing advanced automation systems in your compressed air operations can drastically reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and increase system reliability.

Automation also brings increased transparency to the entire system, providing real-time data on system performance and identifying inefficiencies that can be quickly rectified. This data-driven approach to monitoring and control ensures that you are always operating at optimal performance, saving both time and money.

At SIGA, we are dedicated to designing and delivering cutting-edge compressed air automation systems that provide measurable benefits to our customers. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to create tailored solutions that meet your unique needs, driving greater productivity and efficiency across your entire compressed air system.

In today’s competitive landscape, companies need every advantage they can get. With SIGA as your compressed air automation specialist, you can count on us to deliver the automation solutions that put you ahead.

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You cannot manage what you do not measure

SIGA supplies energy efficiency air compressor controls with a focus on compressed air monitoring, increased system reliability paired with education. Our compressor management system consists of a self-learning and demand-based master controller paired with a web-based monitoring system. We also supply a wide range of compressed air sensors such as flow, dew point, air quality, pressure, etc., which allows us to provide the best online support of any provider of compressor master controllers.



Experience rewarding Return on Investments, coupled with Utility incentive often less then 1 Year. Our clients see cost savings of up to 30% and more.


Elevate your Sustainability Goals with Compressed Air System automation: Experience efficiency gains, waste reduction and CO2 reduction.


Maximize Compressor Reliability with real-time monitoring and advance diagnostics.


Many utility companies offer energy efficiency incentives, rebates, and loans. See our list of incentives by state to learn if there is an incentive for you.

Our Process

Our technician will visit the facility for a walk through and will produce a rough estimate of energy costs. The technician will also identify inefficiencies within the facility and create a customized audit plan that highlights potential savings.

After we monitor and gather system data, our technician will set a baseline and create a comprehensive report with suggested next-steps.

Once the customer selects which recommendations to implement, SIGA works with the customer and/or the necessary vendors to ensure proper implementation.

After proper implementation, we will continue to monitor the facility and gather post-project data to compare to pre-project data and provide a report with all the details that are required by incentive programs.

After the project is complete, SIGA will provide continuous customer service and training (if necessary) on how to operate, check, and maintain equipment to ensure efficiency and satisfactory results.



Reliable flow meters provide consumption and flow measurement to meet individual standards.


Dew point measurement and monitoring in compressed air systems is essential. Proven and reliable dew point meters are helping customers worldwide ensure the required product quality in compressed air and gas systems.

Chart Recorder

Recording the day-to-day of a compressed air system allows for accurate energy analysis, flow measurement, and leakage calculation.

Air Quality

The compressed air Quality can be essential for your product quality, we provide state-of the art monitoring equipment for check 24/7 for particles, dew point and oil vapor.


Leaks are the biggest waste of energy in compressed air systems. Detect leaks quickly to avoid additional, unnecessary costs.

Monitor & Control

Monitoring and controlling compressed air systems allow for reduced costs and increased energy efficiency.

Industries We Serve


Rebates By State

Many utility companies offer incentives, rebates, and energy loans to help companies become more energy-efficient without breaking the bank. Check out our list to see if your state has any incentives to offer!

We believe educating our customers on the benefits of monitoring their compressed air system can make a big difference. SIGA Compressed Air Solutions enables compressor operators to understand their system and harvest energy savings. Energy efficiency is the cheapest energy source.

– Jan Hoetzel, Owner of SIGA


These numbers are just from ONE project. Impressed?
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Metric tons of Co2 saved


Average amount of dollars in incentives received


Reduction in ACS system leakage