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“I wish I had thought about this yesterday. I’d like to introduce you to Jan Hoetzel. Jan has been providing IAC with the Airleader compressor management system and CS Instruments for over 9 years. I’ve been especially impressed with the CS Instruments line of dew point sensors. They have proven to be reliable, accurate, and last many years longer over the Kahn brand. For a few years now, I’ve been retrofitting air dryers equipped with the factory installed Kahn sensor over to the CS Ins. instead of replacing with another Kahn sensor. I attached a CS Instruments catalog.

I encourage you to meet with Jan to see if he can help your product reach new heights.”

“Airleader has been a great product for us to offer our customers. MPG has the most unique system with four variable displacement compressors out of the five compressors in operation being controlled by Airleader, and it has worked out great. The Airleader system is continuously used as a showpiece for us.”

“The Airleader compressor management system that is installed here at Herman Miller, Inc. has become a very valuable tool that we use to control our compressors and monitor our air quality. This system saves us energy by maintaining our air demand with the most efficient set of compressors and allows us to monitor their performance. The quality of our air is also monitored with high and low limit alarms set for pressure and dew point, this allows us to respond quicker when events occur that could affect our manufacturing processes.”


Our technician will visit the facility for a walk through and will produce a rough estimate of energy costs. The technician will also identify inefficiencies within the facility and create a customized audit plan that highlights potential savings.

After we monitor and gather system data, our technician will set a baseline and create a comprehensive report with suggested next-steps.

Once the customer selects which recommendations to implement, SIGA works with the customer and/or the necessary vendors to ensure proper implementation.

After proper implementation, we will continue to monitor the facility and gather post-project data to compare to pre-project data and provide a report with all the details that are required by incentive programs.

After the project is complete, SIGA will provide continuous customer service and training (if necessary) on how to operate, check, and maintain equipment to ensure efficiency and satisfactory results.


SIGA strives not only to improve compressed air systems but to also ensure that employees are confident in new compressor system operations and can maintain new levels of energy efficiency.


Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility and it’s expensive. Industry managers are beginning to understand that managing compressed air provides rewarding payback opportunities. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all solution. Industrial compressed air systems are just as unique as individuals: individuals have their unique DNA combination as do compressed air systems. Compressed air systems should be uniquely designed so the system performs in harmony.

An audit is required to properly manage and understand the nuances of a compressed air system and to identify the most effective solutions for maximum system efficiency. Not investigating the system before selecting improvements would be like consenting to surgery without having an exam. Properly monitored and controlled systems improve your bottom line, controlling costs and giving you an edge over your competition.

Airleader Master Control and Online Monitoring is designed to bring competence to your compressed air stations. Airleader is the only consumption-based, self-learning control on the market that has been continuously developed and improved over the past 20 years. Airleader captures essential system performance data and monitors critical air quality data.

Airleader has over 8,000 customers who are saving energy, money and have increased their system performance. Your competition is probably using Airleader, isn’t it time you for you to begin?.